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Fabric Guide

Blob Fabric Guide

Blob offers an extensive number of fabrics to choose from when creating your perfect Blob object of desire. In fact, we have almost 500 fabric variations!  If, whilst looking through our range, a fabric takes your eye for an idea you want to create yourself, then we have more good news for you - most of our fabrics can be purchased by the metre! 

Indoor Fabrics


Just like a pair of jeans our denim beanbags are hardwearing and look better with the wear and tear they are subjected to over the years.  They can also be customized with a selection of topstitch colours. 

Tech Nylon

This resilient fabric is available in an array of funky colours and can be customized with piping to created a unique piece of furniture.  Its also a great choice for branded promotional usage.


Great colors, luxurious finish and hard wearing, if you want to add a bit of va-va-voom to your room this is the one for you. 


Be it glitter or shellac this range of heavy commercial vinyl will bring some glamour to any room.

Outdoor Fabrics


If you're after an outdoor beanbag but don't want to pay the price our Surlast range is the perfect option. This UV resistant fabric comes with a 3 year guarantee and is available in 9 colours with piping options so you can mix it up or keep in simple. 


The thing that makes Sunbrella so amazing is that it ticks all the boxes. This 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic is a furniture fabric that has been developed to use indoor and outdoors. UV resistant, mold resistant, soft yet strong, high dirt and abrasion finish and an extensive choice of designs and finishes this range comes with a 5 year guarantee. To top it all off these fabrics can be machine washed!!


The Sun Dec range from Warwick is a 100% Olefin heavy domestic indoor/outdoor fabric. True to form Warwick fabrics are made to last, these also come with a 5 year guarantee are UV resistant, easy to wash and have gone through all the rigorous testing to ensure that these fabrics are top notch. Good luck with choosing from this extensive range of patterns and colours!!